27 Jul 2015

The Mum List - what I have on my 'to do' list

As a mother there is always a never ending 'To Do' list of all the things you need to remember or do or take to school (or make for school). But what's worse is the mundane things that keep reappearing or never drop off the list.

First off...

Find Elsa's shoe...Or the fake diamond ring that Bubba loves to wear but seems to loose within seconds:

Seriously that woman is worse than Cinders for losing her shoe in our toy box, for at least 20 minutes out of every day I question, then have a paralysing fear that my boy has eaten it before finding it matted in Barbie's hair (there is an 'accessories' box but it seems Elsa doesn't want her shoes in there) so each day it stays on the list.

Plastic Reduction

My husband always sighs heavily and now it's got to the point that any plastic related feeding containers, cups, bottles, he just leaves them on the work top and it's left to me to ram them back in the correct cupboard.  It's at that point I think of my 'to do' list and mentally think 'I need to reduce the plastic explosion'.

Reduce the amount of clothes the kids have

Sometimes they just have to blink and I think they grow out of something I've only just brought them, it's funny because I mainly route things out when it's left to hubby to dress the children. He manages to squeeze them both into clothes that are too small, leggings that barely come up to my girls knee's and my poor little boy looks like a muscle man in his rather too tight and short T-shirts. I recycle lots of clothes in quick succession.

Clean out the toy box

So the kids have a toy box that is bursting with toys and yet they either play with each others toys or the odd balloon, cardboard box or washing line that gets left in their way. They both have toys that they no longer play with until the moment you mentally or physically think of giving to charity. It's like they have a sixth sense about it all. So consequently we end up just adding to the pile and it stays on my list.

Unidentified Freezer Food

As I riffle around for dinner items that are beige and loved (and more importantly eaten) by my children, I always come across a random small pot of something delicious that I've cooked up for one or both of them. My hands hovers and I wonder if I should do a pot luck dinner but can I take the fall out if it is indeed chilli (which the girl hates now..even the smell triggers a 20 minute meltdown from her). So I decide to leave it on the list and identified, label and stack neatly next time I come this way.

But always top of my list and one that never gets marked off...

Do something for me 

I always have the best intentions but never seem to find time to paint my nails, straighten my hair or stop eating rubbish food. I will eventually crack this one but until then it'll keep going on the list...


22 Jul 2015

The embellished Truth

I wouldn't say my girl tells lies all the time because I'm not sure she is but she is starting to get creative with words and how she uses them.

I truly think she believes what she is saying and sometimes she is so convincing that I too believe every word she says until it gets a bit unbelievable. This week she even had a tantrum because I'd questioned her on a certain version of events and she was then heard screaming "I'm not fibbing mummy, me's telling the truffs"

It turns out she wasn't telling the truth.

The other day she was telling me that her class went to the pet shop and saw cats and dogs, it was only when she told me the dogs were blue and the cats pink that I realised it was in her imagination (but hubby checked at school the next day just to make sure).

She is convincing and doesn't flinch or even blink whilst telling her tall tales. I finding it chilling to the bone that she is testing out her new found skill and can sometimes be very good at it too. She can remember her embellishments and recount them again a few days later, if I wasn't the one who bares the brunt of them, I'd find it very clever.

Yesterday she convinced my mum that she ate peanut butter off the floor with daddy!!! It was only when my mum recounted it back to me that I pointed out that we don't have peanut butter in the house, she wouldn't be eating it off the floor if we did and I'm not sure she's even tried it to be honest. But the point is that she was so convincing that my mum was taken in (bear in mind that my mum doesn't take prisoners and has dealt with both my brother and I and my two nieces over the years...so is well versed in little untruths).

How am I to cope with a surly teenager who is aware of what she is saying and is rather good at lying. I'm not going to know the half of it am I but that's probably a good thing really.

I hate having to always ask her if she's telling the truth and it sort of undermines our relationship and makes it seem like I don't believe her (which I often don't). But what should I do, do I let them go or do I pull her up on them? Obviously the big lies are going to be outed but the rest, I'm not so sure...
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