23 Mar 2017

It's been a while but I'm back

So you may have missed me (or not) but I took a bit of a break as things were getting the better of me. It turns out that the issues my lovely Bubba was having at school were also affecting me (big time), I lost all sense of myself and my role, I raged against everything and basically ate my emotions. I've put on weight, my skin is bad and I'm lethargic and the worst bit is I knew what I was doing and still didn't stop. My hubby even advised I stopped but I couldn't, I was punishing myself for not protecting my baby better.

I feel I've turned a corner now, the resolve to change this situation has finally kicked in and I want to take control. It's a good feeling.

We've also celebrated Bubba's 6th birthday last week. She declared it the best birthday ever and squealed when she got the most expensive, fluff covered and scented  backpack. Hubby almost keeled over declaring 'what fresh hell is this' when I told him what I'd spent in the child heaven stationary shop! I spent most of last week and the weekend reminiscing and telling her stories of when she was a baby. I'm clutching onto the past, time seems to be rushing past and I can't believe I've spent the last 6yrs worrying and not sleeping because of my baby. She's now become all arms and legs...like a baby giraffe taking its first steps. I marvel at how far we've all grown and how life has evolved, it's now the simplest pleasures that make life great, like drinking a coffee in the sunshine whilst the kids play happily together. I can just imagine the face of my younger self being told that would be all it takes..!

I'm also gearing up for becoming the mother of a three year old in about four weeks time, it's going to be interesting. He is all about the 'why' right now and it's funny how quickly you forget how annoying that is. Ever other word is why why why and it can be exhaustive trying to answer his questions and he is relentless in his pursuit of 'why'. I'm finding dealing with the demands of a strong and boisterous boy confusing to say the least, so different from raising a girl but very entertaining.


21 Feb 2017

Travelling with Children #Travellessons

We've just got over half term for the children - and when I say get over it, I mean I have had to sit in a dark corner for a while to compose my senses. We didn't go anywhere, just a few days out and I worked as normal but it really takes its toll with two small children who get cabin fever. So hubby and I have decided that the next holiday (it's only six weeks away!!!!) we will take the kids away somewhere but where to.....we are currently checking out Go Euro.

Pre kids we went further afield and did an amazing trip to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and we saw so many great things, there was another trip to Cuba where we traveled the length of the country staying in some amazing (& not so amazing) places. We went to Madrid in August...who even does that, most of the Spanish had decamped to cooler parts of the country. Since having our children we have kept it more simple but as they are getting older we feel its time to get more adventurous again, I may get some time to actually sit on a beach again and read a book or relax.

Whilst we decide I thought it would be good to put down a few of the lessons we have learnt whilst traveling with children:
  •  Plan, plan, plan....
I love a good plan at the best of times but when we go anywhere with our kids it all needs to be a bit more of a military operation. I've come to find out over the years that our two love a bit of structure and it all falls apart with out it. There are favourite toys to factor in and fussy eaters to cater for so I like to know exactly what we are getting and where from! I can then sort out child entertainment for whilst we are there or on route.

  • Don't over complicate things
I'm a less is more kind of girl and so find it easier to only plan one activity a day for the kids, so for instance we may go visit a town or attraction and then head back to our villa or chalet to take it easy, pop to the pool and unwind. I've never tried to cram it all in and it works for us.

  • Take snacks...bribes....distractions
Yep I was going to be that mother that wouldn't bribe my kids with some chocolate fingers or a packet of crisps but when they are getting bored and we've been on the road for a long time I break out the big guns. I also take a new toy along for the ride and produce it when things are starting to melt down slightly, it takes their mind of the woes and gives us as parents a brief bit of head space.

  • It's not about us
Holidays used to be all about us, relaxing, resting, seeing new things but when you become parents you often need a holiday to get over the holiday. It's great fun but a different type of fun, most of the time things are geared up for the kids, we go places they will enjoy and on the back of it we enjoy watching them enjoying new things. There is a little bit of us in there but I will no longer be dragging a preschooler and a 6yr old around an old ruin in the midday sun...it will just never happen!
  • New places are exciting
For everyone there is something to see and do and even the mundane is beautiful when you are 2yrs old. We want to do more city breaks for this exact reason because its fun exploring a new city where there are different things around every nook and cranny. Beaches are great but it's good to think outside of the box on some places.
  • As long as we are together nothing else matters
It's so true because sometimes the wheels fall off our plan or the kids don't want the bribes and distractions but as long as we can all look back and smile at the adventure we have had then it's all worth it. Spending time as a family is what counts the most and if its raining then we embrace it and go splash around in puddles, if it's too hot then it's ice creams all round.

This is our entry into the GoEuro #travellessons travel blog competition.
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