29 Aug 2014

Right of Passage - A Nose Issue

In some ways, it was a week if like to forget but then it's always going to be a right of passage kind of event. I thought we'd gone past the time my daughter would experiment and put something up her nose...I was wrong!

I had suggested we go to the library or Sainsburys (we have a massive one near us with toys and clothes) but the toddler was playing up. She decided she wouldn't put shoes on and get ready, the baby was late having his feed and when Bubba said she didn't want to go out anyway (or rather shouted it at me), I told her that was fine but I would ignore her if she continued to shout at me, so settling down whilst the boy fed, I put Homes Under The Hammer on and as she was next to me I thought nothing untoward would happen.

A few minutes later she sidled up to me with a huge smile on her face, "mummy I've got one of your flowers" all said in a sing song voice. I looked confused and wondered what flowers "up my snozzie" and she tipped her head back and I could see, sitting at the opening of her nose, a pussy willow catkin - it was only when she snorted it back that I realised we had a problem and I wished I'd acted as soon as I saw it. Poor little man got almost thrown back into his bouncer and I stood up and did my best impression of a headless chicken. I swore a few times and almost cried, I then shrieked at her not to move or do anything else, I asked her to try and sneeze the catkin out but she hasn't really got the hang of blowing her nose.

I then ran upstairs swearing under my breath and again did a headless chicken dance trying to work out what to do and where I'd put the tweezers. I called hubby, my mum and my dad and nobody answered their phones. I rushed back downstairs and made bubba put her head back on the cushions, she saw the tweezers and she then freaked out, started crying and saying sorry.

Without almost thinking, I reached in and managed to grab at the little catkin (thank god it was hairy as otherwise we would have been straight to A&E), in one fluid movement I'd got the tweezers in and the poor drenched in goo catkin out. I got a massive adrenaline hit and sat there giggling whilst Bubba was just shocked - probably because of my initial panic.

I also promised her loads of stuff and so we headed out to Sainsbury's and she came home with a new toy because I was so relieved I didn't need to haul two kids to hospital and it had come out so easy. Hopefully she won't do it again but hey you never know, I hadn't realised how prolific sticking something somewhere for children is and heard a few stories along the way!

The summer holidays are anything but quiet for us! Roll on school...

26 Aug 2014

Post Birth Body - 4 months in

Bikini ready, er no! Not in any way, shape or form. The annoying thing is that in the picture below, I am back to pre pregnancy weight but not shape. I'm still in maternity trousers and loose fitting tops. I've lost a stone in four months by following the Slimming World mantra as previously blogged about.

My main trouble now is that I incurred Diastasis Rectus Abdominis which is where the muscles tear apart to allow for baby to grow but don't knit back after pregnancy. The way to check if you have this is being able to insert fingers in the hole near your belly button (google it and there are various youtube videos on how to see if you have this).

So in the picture above, that there is some fat undoubtedly but also my internal organs poking through the thin layers. Eewww! My bump was extremely front loading which at the time I thought was good but turns out it put too much of a strain on my now flabby muscles.

I've done my research and had some brilliant advice on what to do via Instagram (I'm @bubbababble if you want to find me). As I now need to strengthen the muscles and try and get them to fuse together it's a case of doing specialist exercises and no crunches or planks as these make it worse. I hate that I still look pregnant and my daughter mentions my big belly.

Looking on the web I came across Bikini body mommy on YouTube and she has a whole (free) fitness program on post pregnancy. I tried but needed a slightly shorter work out so at the moment I'm doing Vicki Pattinsons 7 day slim. It's perfect in that it's 10 minutes of cardio a day, all simple exercises that use your own body weight rather than extra equipment. Just what I need as I tend to an exuberant toddler in the summer holidays and a baby.

I'm also doing the Postnatal Slim down by Lindsay Brinn and concentrating on the core exercises especially for this condition. It's hard work but I really want to wear my own clothes again and not buy the bigger sizes because they don't fit.

I hope I'm slowly getting there and I've been out a few times (although I felt completely self conscious). I still can't bring myself to put a swim suit on but hopefully by our holiday next month I will be able to wear one. Fingers crossed.

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