5 Feb 2020

When Do You Call It Bullying?

I've thought long and hard before I wrote this post and it's something that has been going on for a while. I really don't want to cause any shade for any other parents involved and I know children are just still so little and I'm not playing the blame game. However I felt I needed to write incase another mother was feeling like I am now. It's a story of how my beautiful Bubba was bullied by her best friend at school

It Started Innocently...

My gorgeous Bubba is now 8 years old and most days I can't understand how that happened so fast. She's smart, funny and has the biggest heart possible. She thinks of others before herself and always has a nice thing to say about people (well maybe not her little brother always but that's sibling love isn't it!).

She has had a couple of friends over the years who she has grown with. There has always been the small disagreements and often Bubba bends first in the face of a grumble and that's how we've got to this point. For the last few years the relationship power struggle has intensified and Bubba has been slowly bullied into submission.


26 Jan 2018

Easy Play Date Lemony Biscuits

I thought I’d share with you my easy, biscuits for kids, recipe as I made a batch earlier for a play date we have later. I was supposed to pop to the shops to get some biscuits but my littlest is tired and only wanted to come home from school nursery and rest. So as it’s Friday that’s exactly what we did and whilst he watched a bit of tv, I whipped up these simple biscuits.


22 Jan 2018

My Five Best Books - January 2018

Well it's been a while since I last blogged and it has been a chaotic mix of work and looking after the kids that have kept me away. I'm back now and hoping that as things have calmed down, I'll have a little bit of time to get back to what I love doing.

I thought I'd tell you about my favourite five books for 2018 so far, a mixture of books for the kids and myself.


20 Oct 2017

Make Your Own Soda Bread - Australian Damper bread

Lately I've been having some problems eating shop brought bread but for me it's a bit of a staple. I love bread of all descriptions so I'm again making some Australian Damper bread. It's such an easy bread to make and one that the kids can get involved in which is really good because that means they'll also eat it!

Australian Damper bread is a traditional type of soda bread created in the outback and cooked on a camp fire and uses the most basic ingredients - flour, oil (sometimes milk), salt and that's it.


16 Oct 2017

Five Great Ways to Simplify Your Mum Life

With our lives getting busier and busier and the children seemingly having better social lives than us, I find it increasingly hard to keep up with everything. So seeing as I love a good list at the best of times I decided to get myself organised and write it all down. Below are my top five tips on getting organised in a family setting (next week I'll show you how I organise myself with a Bullet Journal). So grab a coffee and a notepad or planner and we can get started.

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