17 Apr 2015

Books, videos and Hats: All the Little Loves #littleloves


I ordered myself a couple of books, something I haven't got for a while and I'm hoping for some free time to actually read soon. A biography about Twitter and also the Lonely Planet photography book

I saw the Twitter book on IG the other day and it looked interesting so I thought I'd give it a go and from the hastily read whilst the children play/eat/sleep bits it does seem to be ticking all my boxes. Such an extraordinary man and a real eye opener as to how businesses operate. I've only flicked through the photography book so far so can't really say whether its a winner yet.


I've suddenly got into YouTube (I know, kinda late to that party). I used to think it was only funny kitten clips and mad pranks but I'm now making my own little videos over at The Bubbababble and I'm also now subscribing to loads of new channels. So if you have a fab channel you watch or have your own then please let me know in the comments as I'd love to subscribe to a few more.

My Favourites at the moment are Charlotte Taylor, Brummymummyof2 and Isabel Brandon


The sun has indeed got his hat on over here in South East London (or Kent to the rest of us). It's been sandals and summer hats. Even my boy got in on the act.

My hat is from F&F Tesco and I do love a cowboy hat and each year I buy a new one. This gives enough coverage with a good structure whilst still being floppy enough to carry around.


I downloaded the latest Paloma Faith album this week, it's been out a while. It's a great motivational album and I often listen whilst working out to get me in the zone.


As mentioned earlier, we've been making videos and our latest contribution is this one. Our game of 'If you were....' it's very basic but lots of fun.

And Lastly

We found out our primary school placement yesterday. I was so nervous all day....but we got the school we wanted (the one she attends now). Such a relief. And my boy turned one on Wednesday and we had a lovely afternoon eating cake and playing, it was simple and fun.


15 Apr 2015

One Year On...Life with a 4yr old and 1yr old

Today my son turns one, a whole year on this planet, it feels like he has been here forever yet it doesn't seem possible he has been here that long!

I was looking back at posts I wrote around this time last year when I was a huge whale of hormonal tears and contractions. I put that I felt a failure and that my body wasn't doing what I thought it should do...check it out here. In some ways (most ways) I still feel a failure at least twice a week but probably more like twice a day if I'm honest with myself!

One moment I can be flying high thinking I've got this shizzle sorted and I'm super mum, only to come crashing down and feeling inadequate and not knowing what to do in certain situations. Life can be stressful these days and everything is a logistical and organizational nightmare, spontaneity is a real distant memory for me. It doesn't help that I like to be ready for a situation and I've never been good at just winging it and letting go, I worry too much and end up not enjoying anything.

I often question my ability as a mother and say I can't do this to which my hubby replies "but you are doing it and you will continue to do it" but I do find it all hard work. In other ways it's the best of the best, even the bad times are easily forgotten when one of the babies makes you laugh or brightens the day in other ways. I haven't laughed as much as I do with my two and it's such a joyous feeling when all three of us (or four if hubby is home) laugh together about some shared joke. It's then that I feel we are a little team and it's all going to be ok for us.

Sleep is an issue but not in the way I thought it would be, the boy wakes sometimes for his dummy to be put back in or sometimes it takes a bit longer to settle him. The real shocker was that Bubba started waking once or twice a night and so sleep deprivation crept back in and my days are a cloud of wading through things and everything seems to take twice as long to do. We've had three good nights where she hasn't woken and I can't remember the last time this happened (and no doubt tonight she'll be up because I've been smug enough to write it down!).

Lots of things have been easier this time around, the transition to food and off milk about a hundred times a day has been so easy. It was such a natural progression for cub and nothing like it was with Bubba when there was lots of planning, worrying and little pots of weaning food. I'm more easy going with him and I think he is a more easy going baby too for it, nap times are sort of on the go and if he doesn't sleep or goes down later than planned I shrug more. With Bubba I got myself tied up in knots about timings, what would Gina Ford do and the like and was I doing it right.

I love the age gap between my two and I can see them becoming friends (albeit in a squabbling brother and sister way) as they get older. Bubba is really showing her good natured and caring side when it comes to her brother and gives him cuddles or kisses although he still pushes her away if she gets too close. They both squabble a bit over me, if I'm sat on the floor they will both try and clamber on me and take up residence and Bubba handles it better than cub, who will throw a paddy and try and push her off or pull her hair.

I feel loved by both children and sometimes it can be a bit suffocating that they both want to follow me everywhere and both feel they need to be sat on me at all times, I wouldn't have it any other way. Honestly it feels great being so important to them even if I moan about it sometimes, it's mummy all the way for them both and nothing (it seems) beats a mummy cuddle. I'm happy with that.

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