10 Feb 2012

Books, books, books

One thing I've tried to do since Bubba was little (2 months old) is read to her. We have a bedtime routine where at 6pm I take her upstairs, she has a bath and then gets ready for bed. Then I sit in a comfy chair (Ikea 'Pello Armchair' which was a bargain at £25 and they do one for children in the same design - very cute). At this point we read a book and we have about 15 to choose from!

At the moment our favourites are 'That's not my...' series of books. They are great because each page has something to touch or look at and she loves turning the pages. During the day we have books around for her to play with (although she often ends up chewing the spines and I have to fish out bits of cardboard)!

She got a couple of good books from the Book Start pack we got at her 8 month check and I think she gets more at a later stage too.
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