23 Feb 2012

Fickle pickle...

Now I'm not sure if it's just me or all parents encounter this but Bubba often makes me out to be a liar. I find myself saying things like 'oh don't worry she's never been sick' to my friends, only to turn around to find that she is in the process of being sick on their brand new carpet! Or telling the health visitor yesterday that Bubba is very vocal for her only then to clam up and just stare the lady out but not utter a word!

Well for weeks Bubba has been off bread, before a sandwich would be demolished in seconds but after a bout of sickness she shunned bread completely. It didn't matter how many times I tried to feed her finger sandwiches only for her to clamp her mouth shut and shake her head. That was until my mum was showing her how to throw out bread to the birds, Bubba decided the bread was too good for the little peckers and launched her own attack on it! Luckily it was a fresh slice from the loaf. I guess that means she's back on the bread!

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