8 Feb 2012

Five Things - Feeding

Bubba is now becoming proficient in feeding herself (to the point that she no longer deems me able to do it for her). So recently I've had to hunt out food that she can hold and feed herself with...I often look wistfully at the sweet potato mash in the freezer knowing it won't see the light of day for a while.

Weaning spoons
My favourite spoons are cheapy Morrisons own brand weaning spoons and small pots. They have a shallow scoop on them and so more food goes in than is left on the spoon.

Food pots
I've tried many and the ones that I find the most useful now for snacks and individual portions are from our local pound shop for six small pots. They fit easily into her lunchbox and stack brilliantly.

Two brilliant (can't live without) weaning books are:
Annabel Karmel's 'New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner'. We've now also got her 100 finger foods book and the family meal planner. Sainsbury's 'Little Ones' meal planner. Also recommend recipes on the Sainsbury little ones website.

Feeding mat
This is pure brilliance: 'Summer Infant Tiny Diner Place Mat'. So simple but effective, comes in either pink or blue. Its a mat that rolls up small and is made of plastic, you can stick it to a table and let your little one put their food on it without having to worry about cleaning the highchair (especially good for feeding when out and about). Its made by Summertime and we got ours from Sainsbury for £8.99 (I know they are also available at 'JoJo Maman Bebe')

I joined all the main food provider baby websites such as Cow&Gate, Plum and Ella's Kitchen. They give a wealth of information and some send out starter kits and weaning guides. A lot of them also give recipes and ideas to get you started. Bubba now doesn't eat anything not made by me (although this is a nice compliment, it can sometimes be a pain if we are out and about).
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