15 Feb 2012

Five things - Kitchen cheats

I didn't think that it would be hard to put meals together for Bubba but I spend most of my time in a quandry because I'm not sure what to give her (or she refuses a food that she previously loved). So these nifty gadgets have saved me.

Apple corer and slicer
Looks like a gimick but I use this loads as Bubba loves a slice of apple to munch on and this gets regulated slices and gets rid of the core in a jiffy. I also like having the slices in a bowl as a snack (but don't get me wrong, I'm no angel and prefer a cake if there is one going!).

Mini Grater
I got this free with a christmas gift and it was to grate chocolate onto your hot chocolate (fab idea). We use it now to grate cheese onto Bubba's food and she loves to watch me doing this whilst she is waiting in her high chair. Not a necessity but keeps her quiet and lets me grate small amounts without a lot of mess.

I now use these to put food into individual portions and in the freezer for Bubba. Her favourites at the moment are Lamb hotpot and cottage pie.

Bullet food processor
This is lovely for small amounts but a bit of a faff if I'm trying to chop large amounts of food to freeze in bulk. Its easy to use and great for a quick blitz of an individual portion.

Cookie cutter shapes
Started to use these to cut out sandwich shapes but I think they'll come into their own when Bubba gets older (and fussier). It makes meal times a bit more interesting.

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