3 Feb 2012

Five Things - Sleep aids

As we've gone along I've found things that have helped our lives become a little easier and so I decided to narrow these down to five things.

No better place to start than sleep (or lack of it).

Slumber Bear
This lovely bear would activate a heart beat every time Bubba cried and instantly comfort her in the process. We kept it in the beginning at the top of her moses basket and as she got bigger we attached the monitor to the side of her basket.

Baby Secrets by Jo Tantum
These two go hand in hand and we can't recommend them highly enough as our Bubba slept through the night from 8 weeks old (although with teething - more of that later - and other reasons to wake it hasn't all been plain sailing).

Muslin square

From very little we gave her something that smelt of 'mummy' and one night in my sleep deprived state I cut a muslin up and sewed up the loose edges. Every time she sleeps in her cot she reaches out for this and drapes it over herself (and out and about we used to give her a muslin just to play with whilst getting to sleep). I have two which I wash regularly and keep in case one gets lost.

and for me,
Neal's Yard Remedies Seaweed & Arnica Foam Bath
In late pregnancy when I was moaning and tired and very very big, hubby came home with some of this and it saved me. I still use it now when life and being a mummy gets on top of me.

Bach Rescue Remedy
For when I needed rescuing (which was often in the beginning).
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