3 Feb 2012

Five Things - Teething

Bubba started teething early, she was born with teeth and although not broken through they were clear when she was screaming (which was often)!

We had a often fraught (her and me) introduction to teething and bless her, she really did struggle with it to start with.

The five things that got us through

Sophie Le Giraffe
Poor old Sophie got pulled about, bitten and now looks a little worn around the edges but she was a life saver. Bubba could hold her legs easily and swing her around, now she sits loftily in a corner of Bubba's cot, almost forgotten but occassionaly she'll get a swing around for old times sake.

Dribble Bib
These natty little bibs that make Bubba look like she is a cowboy in an old spaghetti western. But they do save her clothes from dribble saturation (my mum often used a normal tiny baby bib under Bubba's top to do the same job. We have them in an assortment of colours to go with different outfits!

We aren't big dummy heads and try to restrict as much as possible but sometimes it can't be avoided and is the only thing that makes our dribbly tearful bubba content.

Teething powder
Not entirely sure these work to relieve the pain but it would always stop Bubba in her tracks and give us all a few moments (or minutes) of peace.

Not a remedy as such but it helped us both, a walk cleared my head and gave Bubba something else to think about other than tooth ache. It could all be in my head but we would both come back a bit calmer.

As yet we haven't been very successful with teething gel, one whiff of it and Bubba clamps her mouth shut and doesn't allow any to pass her lips. So far I've managed to get it on her nose and tongue but not her gums. I'll keep trying...
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