22 Feb 2012

Listography - 5 Things That Make Me Happy

I saw this on Kate Takes 5 and knew I had to join in, see I am a woman who loves a list and also a '5 things' list is my all time favourite. I have loads of them in a word document that I look at often (5 smells I love, 5 noises that make me smile...the list is endless).

1. Making Bubba laugh
Not just a little giggle but the big whooping belly laughs that cause hiccups

2. Rain on a sunny day
Its just the greatest thing because it makes everything look squeaky clean in the glint of sunshine

3. Cupcakes
Big or small, they make me happy

4. Hubby making me laugh
I'm blessed because this happens often. I'm not sure if he is funny or I'm just delirious!

5. Spending time with the people I love
Parents, siblings and friends - all adds up to a good tingling feeling that only a chinwag can induce (especially when coupled with tea and cake.)

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