1 Feb 2012

Nanny knows

I'm so lucky to have a very hands on mum myself (alongside my supportive hubby). She has been there for us from the beginning, in fact she was by my side (and hubby's) during labour and was the third person to meet Bubba. I hope that Bubba looks upon her nanny (and granddad) as an extension of us and go to them if she ever feels she cannot come to us. Probably sounds all a bit melodramatic but I have a strong bond which I hope she too will have with them.

Well anyway, my mum is an invaluable source of information and good ideas that I just don't think of or realise. She has helped on many occasions and calmed my jangled nerves, for instance when Bubba stopped eating due to illness I panicked but my mum calmly reassured me that she would start eating when she was ready and that Bubba liked her food too much to not eat(this turned out to be very true and life has returned to normal).

Only this week, I arrived at my parents house to find that the room had been set up like a baby sensory experience with different areas and different toys placed to tempt Bubba (as she still isn't crawling or walking). I've tried to emulate this at home...it works, she gets less bored as I move her around the room.

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