24 Feb 2012

Snack attack

Whenever I've read any books on weaning or feeding a youngster, they always tell you to eat with little one to promote a healthy relationship with food. Well I'm not ready for my dinner at 5pm and don't always fancy being really virtous and heading to the fruit bowl. Now I think I've found the answer (for me at least) in the form of a Graze food box.

You get to choose how healthy you want to be (and get a good selection of different foods) to nibble on. The best bit is that it gets sent via the post so lands on your doormat ready and waiting to be eaten. This week I've found it really helpful just to grab a handful of nuts or some cracker bits to eat whilst feeding Bubba.

ps. you don't have to be too healthy...this is my half demolished flapjack!
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