9 Feb 2012

Stroller strategy

Before Bubba was born, as all expectant parents, we poured over the internet and went into stores looking for the perfect travel option for our new born. There are so many options from prams, travel systems and strollers, it seemed a daunting choice seeing as they all seemed to do very similar things (getting Bubba from A to B) but cost all different amounts. We only have a dinky car (really dinky) so opted for something that could fold down small which happened to be fairly cost effective (compared to other prams and buggies). It was Bebe Comfort Streety travel system and we are still more than happy with it.
But recently I've started looking for a stroller to just push around the shops, something light weight and easy to fold up and down. After an exhaustive search we decided on the McClaren Quest Sport buggy which is on special at the moment (about £40 cheaper than usual). It feels like a big step knowing that we will no longer be able to click the car seat into place on the wheels if she is still asleep but at the same time I'm excited that this new chapter is starting for us. Lets hope the McClaren lives up to its great feedback.
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