31 Mar 2012

Holiday heaven...where does your heart belong.

Is there one place you long to go back to or are yet to visit? My perfect place is Edinburgh, I love the city and also that you are close to beautiful countryside and interesting buildings.

I first visited with my boyfriend (now hubby), it was the night of my birthday and we got the sleeper train from London. It was such a magical experience being lulled to sleep by the rocking of the train and then waking up in a different city.  We got there early (around 8am), went for a coffee and then onto our boutique hotel. We were so excited to go and explore that we literally dropped our bags off and we went to the castle where 'soon to be hubby' popped the question (I wasn't expecting that at all). After tears from me and a reliefed look on Hubbys face, we called the parents and then retired to the nearest pub for lunch and a large glass of wine, both in a bubble of shock. I knew from that day on I would have a place in my heart for the burgh.
Actual proposal spot!

The second time we visited was on our honeymoon, we spent a few days in Glasgow, exploring the city and then got the train in the snow to Edinburgh. This time I was over five months pregnant and it was a bit hairy walking around in the deep snow but again my heart was sold because I had a lovely husband by my side and was keeping our bubba snug. Everything looked so romantic with a soft white coating.

Bubba snug inside.

I can't wait to go back and create more memories with Bubba by our sides and take her all the places we went from the castle to the rows of wonderful little shops that hold all sorts of delights.

29 Mar 2012

Our Favourite Place to Relax

Pretty.Little.Things this weeks theme is: Favourite Place to Relax.

Well for Bubba this is an easy one, she loves to watch Waybuloo just before bedtime (oh I could kiss CBeebies sometimes) snuggled up on either mummy's or daddy's lap. It's so lovely because she really gets herself comfy and relaxed and I get one of those cuddles that are far and few between with a wriggling toddler.

My favourite place to relax is sitting down the end of our garden in the sunshine and reading a book. This doesn't happen very often but just the thought of doing it relaxes me as well so it works either way! We have spent the last few years slowly converting our house and garden so it means a lot that I can actually now use the garden and hopefully watch Bubba soon running up and down like a mad thing (whilst I sit relaxing...although I think this might be wishful thinking!).

For more lovely places to relax why not head over to Mummy daddy and me makes three.

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