7 Mar 2012

Crafty Corner - Canvas

As soon as I became a mother we got bombarded with photographic companies trying to tap into my emotional and fragile state. They tried to lure us into the free shoot and promised to take the best photo's of our little one but were often vague about the fact they'd charge the earth for the 'other' photo's undoubtedly we would end up buying.

Well we didn't go down that road, my dad is a photographer so will always take professional looking photo's if we need them. Instead I thought I'd have a go myself at putting a photo on canvas.  Starting with Bubba's favourite teddy bears as seen on the shelf.

I positioned the teddies around her head and snapped away. I picked the favourite shot and using Photobox I put it onto canvas (using a special promotion at the time), I know all the leading companies also offer this service but I'm quite attatched to photobox.

I then hung the canvas above the teddies so that Bubba could recognise them and I just love looking at the picture as I go in her room.
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