1 Mar 2012

Five things - Bathtime fun

Bath time is now a fun experience for Bubba and myself (not always the case, for the first three months or so she would scream as soon as she hit the water). Now it's all about play and fun. The five things we use every day are:

Bath toys
These were picked up from Sainsbury's and they come in a small bag of either ducks or frogs. We went for both! She bites them, throws them and babbles at them...all good fun.

Aqua Pod
Bubba's aunt and uncle got her this when she was born from Mothercare (it can be used from 6 months when they can sit up). I've found it so useful in keeping her in place and gives me a bit more peace of mind. Before she could sit up we used a Foam Bath Support from Boots which was basic but it worked well for us.

Bath books
These are brilliant and keeps her busy for ages. We have got some from M&S as gifts.

Basic sponges
I got a pack of five from the pound shop, some really cute animal shapes and I've found they last the longest.

Carousel Bath Sprinkler
This has been a big hit with Bubba although she does spend a lot of time trying to pull it off the side of the bath whilst I enjoy filling it up and watching it work (rather theraputic and I realise I should be washing her rather than playing with it myself!)

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