14 Mar 2012

Five things - Beautification

That's my beautification and not Bubba's! Five quick cheats that (hopefully) appear that I'm making no effort, instead they just leave me looking a bit more 'put together' and healthy. Well that's the plan anyway.

Tinted Eyelashes
I've only just become a convert, having my eyelashes tinted at first glance felt a little ostentatious but it truly makes me look a bit healthier and having pale skin it defines my eyes (without me looking washed out) when I'm not wearing any other make up.

Shellac Manicure
Again I'm new to this and this super varnish stays put for up to two weeks which is a blessing when you do as much washing up as a nearly new mother does. It also takes away that 'Gawd I can't go out with my nails chipped like that' feeling.

Tinted moisturiser/ facial spray tan
The spray mist is the best as it doesn't leave any tide marks or traces and the results last. It just leaves me looking healthy rather than tanned (when I remember to use it). I've found these can be a little pricey sometimes but the effects outlast the shock my purse goes through!

I've been trying to combat hormonal skin for a while now (it turned lovely in pregnancy, only to get its revenge now!) and regular facials help. My lovely friend does these for me at her salon and I tend to go every six weeks at the moment although I'm going through a bit of teenage skin at the moment.

I heard about this first on TOWIE and tried it...it works. It tends to leave my skin a bit dried out but gets rid of individual spots in a jiffy. Before bed just cover the spot in cream and by morning its almost non existent.

Have to mention the most obvious (and that's why it doesn't feature in top five).

Blah blah blah...I know its boring but its true, it works to reduce puffy face syndrome and leaves everything a bit sparkly. I used to be really bad (well still am really) at remembering to drink enough. Now I get a pint glass filled in the morning and if I at least finish it (along side other drinks) then I feel I'm on to a winner.

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