4 Mar 2012

Five Things - Photo's that sum up my week

This weeks Listography challenge set by Kate Takes 5 is five photo's that sum up our typical week, well this is usually a mad rush monday (as I go to work), the rest of the week is a blur of trying to keep on top of things and playing with Bubba as much as possible.

Washing up
There seems to be mountains of this, morning, noon and night! I'm sure it multiplies on its own sometimes, and my hands the poor things...don't get me started!

Wardrobe Maintenance

Sad as I am to admit it, my daughter has a more extensive and lovely clothing collection than I have. But I seem to spend copious amounts of time trying to decide what to dress her in and putting the clothes away after the washing fairy has been to our house! 

We do this a lot! All I seem to do is visit the shops to pick up more supplies.

Sometimes I forget that the little person is supposed to be playing as I go off in my own little happyland. Then Bubba comes along and messes it all up!

This is a big love for all three of us and I especially love it when its cooked by hubby.

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