22 Mar 2012

Five Things - TV Programmes

Before Bubba I was always of the mind that televison should be limited for children and to a certain extent it is in our house but then I watch a lot of television or its always on in the background out of habit. So it probably comes as no surprise that the lure of the television has been passed down. Her top five programmes are as follows (and all other programmes she largely ignores so that's how I know she likes these...she sits glued to the screen).

Baby Jake
This is a Baby that has magical adventures and I started loving this probably before she did. Now she just has to hear the music and she breaks out into a spontaneous little dance and has a huge grin on her face. It's also the one thing that lets me whizz around and get things done because she does not move.

This is on just before bedtime and its our winding down time where she sits on my lap and points at the piplins and coo's. All very sweet but i'm not really sure I can describe what its about other than the characters do 'yogo' and play hide and seek with 'cheebies', you would really need to watch to understand.

Small potatoes
Also seems to be on just before or just after Baby Jake. Its about five little potatoes who act out different emotions or situations in a musical style (just think of Glee for babies). She dances to the music...enough said

Grandpa in my pocket
I can't really see the draw on this one, its a grandad that shrinks down and runs around causing havoc. She seems to love it so I'm not going to argue.

Charlie Bear
This is a cute bear that has adventures and is voiced by James Corden. I wish I had a bear that came to life like Charlie.

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