18 Mar 2012

Hopes and dreams

As it was 'International Womens week' last week (I know, must try harder at being on time with things!) I read a magazine article asking what are your hopes and dreams for your daughter?

In light of this and the fact that my baby has just hit a milestone birthday (the big first birthday) I decided to jot down my hopes and dreams for her...

Dear Bubba,

As I look at you I hope that you always remember to laugh and smile (no matter what is thrown your way).

I dream that you will grow into a strong and willful (but not obstinate) girl who has courage and compassion for others.

I hope you will be happy and loved by all and you return that love unconditionally. I hope you always stay true to yourself and generous with your time.

I want you to always remember how much you are loved by your family and that everyone only wants the best for you.

Most of all I hope and dream that your future is filled with opportunity and adventure and you embrace life fully.

Love Always
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