27 Mar 2012

It's the simple things

I had to share this (although it may be a bit too much information near the end). It's been an emotional and stressful time for our family as a whole with lots of illnesses and poorly people. We found ourselves short on childcare and hubby had to take a day off which is nice in that he gets to do a whole day with Bubba alone.

I got this text and it cheered me up (I actually laughed out loud) - the day before had been a scream fest for Bubba...and I was of the mind she hated me and I wasn't doing things right, where in reality the poor little thing had teeth issues.

It's the simple things that keep us going. Oh and yes I do call Bubba 'Fred' and I call Hubby 'Inferno'. It's just the way I roll!
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