12 Mar 2012

Listography - Five cookbooks

I do love to cook and the one thing I wanted to get back to soon after Bubba was born (but felt frustrated as I had neither the time or inclination) was to cook proper family meals again. Well since those early days all I seem to do is cooking and I like nothing better than watching Hubby as he tucks into a creation of mine.

As I compiled this list, I realised my cooking seems to fit into two categories...naughty food followed by trying to make up for it with good food!

Nigel Slater Real Fast Food
I love this man, I read the books like they are a novel because he has such a way with food writing and talking. All the dishes are simple, every day food but it sometimes gives me ideas that I can put together with other foods.

The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days
My guilty pleasure, the cakes in this book look amazing and if I can't get to make something from it, just looking at the pictures gets me through

Annabel Karmel's New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner
I have cooked more meals out of her cookbook than any other in my life. She has got me through the minefield that is weaning and sometimes I cook the meals for all of us (Hubby isn't always aware). Life saver lady!

Mrs Beeton's Easy Entertaining
Years ago when I first moved into my own flat and cooking was all new, I used to reach for Mrs B to find out how to make sauces etc. Its fairly old fashioned but still useful.
Weight Watchers - Seriously Satisfying
When trying to be good and lose some of the bulge (created by too much of Nigel, Hummingbird and Mrs B!)

Check out more entries and inspirations over at Kate Takes 5. I've certainly found a few more cookery books I'd like to buy.

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