12 Mar 2012

Meet Pete

I already love Pete, in all his wonky little scruffy faced loveliness. Although we decided (or I bullied Hubby into it) that we would buy Bubba a 'Pete' for her birthday, secretly I think I got him for me! I can imagine Bubba and I walking Pete to the end of the road or round the shops although I suspect the reality will be a bit more strained ("No Bubba, Pete cannot come with us, we need to be quick!").

About 8 years ago I got my first gorgeous (now so grown up) niece a little dog on wheels for her birthday. I fell in love with that scruffy little dog and now my daughter has the same sort of wonky little dog (although now for health and safety they are on wooden frames not metal).

Our Pete is so well made and all British, I'm impressed with the workmanship and would recommend him to anyone. He is a Mulholland and Bailie dog...and as I said...I really really love him already.

He got his name Pete after my besties husbands (keep up at the back) family pet dog Pete, who in my opinion was the greatest little dog (with a cool name). Isn't he just adorable?

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