29 Mar 2012

Our Favourite Place to Relax

Pretty.Little.Things this weeks theme is: Favourite Place to Relax.

Well for Bubba this is an easy one, she loves to watch Waybuloo just before bedtime (oh I could kiss CBeebies sometimes) snuggled up on either mummy's or daddy's lap. It's so lovely because she really gets herself comfy and relaxed and I get one of those cuddles that are far and few between with a wriggling toddler.

My favourite place to relax is sitting down the end of our garden in the sunshine and reading a book. This doesn't happen very often but just the thought of doing it relaxes me as well so it works either way! We have spent the last few years slowly converting our house and garden so it means a lot that I can actually now use the garden and hopefully watch Bubba soon running up and down like a mad thing (whilst I sit relaxing...although I think this might be wishful thinking!).

For more lovely places to relax why not head over to Mummy daddy and me makes three.

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