16 Mar 2012

Ten things nobody mentions...

You get the usual...'get all the sleep you can now', 'your lives will never be the same' blah blah blah. Walking home from the shops yesterday with a sickly and whiny one year old who earlier in the day had been sick all down me and the stairs and herself I thought of all the things I was never told pre child.

1) Sickness stinks!
Harping back on what I've just said, when babies are ill, they are really ill! Its a messy and smelly ordeal when bubba is ill. I was never prepared (who can be?) for the feeling of sheer horror the first time she was properly sick over me. Now I'm getting better and can (sort of) embrace the experience but still its hard.

2) They want everything you have
Despite having a pile of toys next to us, Bubba wants exactly what I have, be it a coffee cup, a pen, the phone or simply a piece of paper. She will clamber over things and disregard something that previously had her mesmerised just to get at what I have.

3) How lonely it all gets
Some days life can get truely lonely, even with Bubba around. If things are stressful or not going our way, it can seem very lonely. I've got a great support network but some days I really struggle.

4) What is so interesting about my bag?!?
Bubba systematically empties my bag so I'm scrambling around for keys and my purse as we are trying to get out of the house. Oh that is of course unless I have something better in my hands (see point no.2)

5) One smile makes up for a zillion sleepless nights
Its not always the first smile you get during the day but guaranteed at some point she will smile and I'll forget all manner of things.

6) The worry and frustration
I knew I'd worry, as I am a born worrier but this is another level of worry. I worry (and/or get frustrated) when she doesn't eat, sleep, drink, has illness...the list is endless but I worry is the main jist!

7) They grow up so fast
She is barely one and already I'm mourning the loss of my little baby. She learns something new which is fabulous but it moves me closer to the redundant pile.

8) Hormones
I could just leave it at that but the really sneaky thing that your hormones do is convince you that another child is a good idea. They say things like 'it didn't hurt that bad' or 'sleepless nights...what sleepless nights'. Hormones are out to get you. Be warned!

9) They have such strong opinions from such an early age
Bubba is very strong willed and learnt early the shaking of the head 'no' and pushing things away. She simply.will.not.do ANYTHING she doesn't want to do. No budgeability (yes I have just made that word up!).

10) You will wonder who's silly idea it was to have kids in the first place
Yes Hubby I know I convinced you it was a good idea but some days when its all a bit bleak the thought does cross my mind. Then she smiles (see point 5)!

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