10 Mar 2012

We are one!

When you start on the journey of parenthood, you never think you'll get to the milestone that is a first birthday. The endless hours awake in the night, the mountain of washing and dirty nappies and the shrill (but tiny) cry of a newborn keeps you firmly in the moment.

But then...suddenly (it seems to have whizzed around) you are the proud owner of a one year old. The milestone first birthday party is all important to you and not so much ( I'm having a nap right in the middle of the party and totally oblivious) to your little person.

Until you have children you don't realise how important that first birthday is to you as a parent. As the party progresses you silently look at your partner in crime and give them a mental high five...'yes! we've made it this far without losing limbs (ours or the little persons), we almost look like we know what we are doing and we can often (smugly) be heard telling those newer to the whole process "oh you wait until they.... (fill in theblank: start crawling, walking, talking, sleeping through the night...).'

Today Hubby and I exchanged those mental high fives in our tiny kitchen. as our (over zealously dressed by mummy!) one year old was in the midst of a crying fit surrounded by our loved ones. She got lots of great presents which she happily played with once the party ended and just before bedtime (isn't that typical).

We had three cakes, one made by me and two purchased (couldn't subject the family to my effort in case it tasted real bad). I'd ordered a lovely princess castle cake but when I went to pick it up at Sainsburys they'd made a mistake and given me a different one. After Grandad came to the rescue and went to another store and picked up the castle we ended up with three!

A great day was had by all.

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