9 Apr 2012

Day in the life...at One

Our wake up call!
The day before her first birthday, I decided to document the day in photo's. So this is a day in the life of Bubba...sorry the photo's are rather shabby but you get the idea.

Our day usually begins between 7am and 7.30am with a baby wake up call. She is usually talking to her teddies and making very cute sing song noises. Oh this is usually after we've plugged her (given her the dummy) around 6am.

At this point she was having a morning bottle only of 9oz (I've now moved this to the evening)

A quick read before breakfast
This is daddy giving the morning bottle. She really snuggles down with him (I usually get a wriggly, pointy monster). The two of them have a leisurly book read afterwards, whilst I am getting ready for work.

If I'm at home we usually have (or had as she now has breakfast when she wakes) breakfast around 9am...which is anything from weetabix, a pancake and fruit or toast. In between I'd be doing either washing up, washing or making the rest of her lunch.

Morning play date
As this was the day before her birthday we had my two best friends and their little ones to play. At this point you can see Bubba is more interested in the TV than the company!

We had cakes and tea...the very best pre birthday treat (for me). Bubba had a few rice cakes and her water.

morning nap
Morning nap usually starts around 10am for Bubba but this can change slightly. She is very good at going down, give her a muslin to hold (Hubby calls it her rag!) and she usually turns over onto her side and she is gone. More often than not I find her now sleeping sitting up or with her bum in the air. She sleeps from anywhere between 30 mins and an hour (or last week when Hubby was on duty she slept for a big old two hours). When she wakes we usually have a snack of rice cakes (I have a cup of tea).

If we haven't got anywhere to be, we usually play indoors and go out for a walk after lunch. If we are on the way out, I'm normally all packed up and ready just to scoop her out of bed and put her coat and shoes on to go straight out.

Lunch is around 12.30 and I've usually prepared lots of little pots of things for her to eat. She loves finger foods and so I try and include a pot of mixed veg, pasta, cheese (she goes wild for cheese) and fruit. I also have either a tiny pitta, wrap or bread sticks to top her up.

This was an unusual day as it was all birthday meet ups so after lunch we headed out to meet the other NCT babies and mummies whom we've know since pregnancy. We went to a soft play barn and on the way Bubba had her second sleep of the day (this usually takes place between 1.30pm and 2pm and will usually be a 45 minute power nap. 

softplay with NCT buddies
I woke her mid sleep so when we got there she wasn't in the best frame of mind. It was also manic inside and she is like me and it takes her a while to get used to lots of people and new places. She wouldn't leave my side and cried most of the time we were there. Although she did have a bit of a play at one point...

We went home afterwards to let her calm down a bit - she had the rest of her sleep on the way back home so was slightly happier when we got home.

Dinner followed (afer a play) which I start getting ready around 4.45pm so she is ready to eat at 5pm. I try and give her a meat dish (if she hasn't had chicken pieces, ham or fish at lunchtime). Her favourites are beef casserol and spag boul at the moment. She also loves anything fishy...she is into really strong flavoured fish (she also loves a strong cheese it seems) so smoked salmon or smoked haddock go down a treat. Veggie dishes she loves are butternut squash risotto or lovely lentils so I try and mix it up.

Dinner is normally finished by 5.30pm (if she isn't very hungry and mucking around) or 5.15pm if she is loving it. She has never been a child that takes her time, she loves her food.

We then sit down to have a play and watch CBeebies for the bedtime hour, I do the washing up and make her night bottle around 5.45pm and let it cool in a measuring jug. At 6pm I take the bottle upstairs and get her bath map down and blinds down and lights on (to create that night time ambience).

waiting for my bath
I then clear up the toys as she sits quietly and 6.15pm we go upstairs for bed time (we don't come back downstairs). I used to put her in her cot but the last week or so (with the stair gate up) I let her crawl around while I run the bath and get everything ready.

Bath time is now lots more fun, it used to be a problem and she'd scream her way through it. She loves her bath toys and splashing around, she is usually in the bath for five minutes or so. Then I get the best cuddle ever whilst she dries...it's my favourite time as she is really relaxed and happy.
Now it's time for a book and time to let her milk go down (but last month she was having bottle in morning so it would just be reading time). After a quick look around her room, pointing at different toys she is given a kiss and I say 'night night babe' and put her down. Usually she rolls onto her side as I'm closing curtains and turning out lights.

Sweet dreams

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