3 Apr 2012

Five things - car travel

Bubba hasn't always liked travelling in the car and I've, at times, found it stressful but we are it seems at the point she is accepting it as a necessity.

Car Seat - we've just upgraded to the big girl seat and chose the Maxi-Cosi  Priori (you can see the video demo we did when I get round to uploading) and already I love it. She is forward facing and it makes life so much more interesting for her. It has a three position glide bar that allows me with one hand to click it down if she is asleep or looking a bit heavy eyed.

Mirror - we don't need to use this now as she is forward facing but I found it to be the best thing when she was in the back. We could both clearly see each other and so I'd know what she was doing. It's a big round mirror that attatches to the headrest in the backseats.

Blinds - We used to have pop up cat blinds but now we've upgraded to the sun blinds that can retract so I don't have to now faff around making sure they don't pop up when I've stashed them in the side pockets.

Cushy bear strap covers - these were so adorable that I had to get them, they make sure Bubba doesn't get strap burn on her neck. Well that's my excuse anyway. I've been using them in her Maclaren as she likes to slump in the chair and rest her head on the side (watching the pavement going past!).

Toys - I cannot go anywhere without toys for Bubba. Now its usually a cuddly teddybear or twinkle the baby ballet bear.
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