24 Apr 2012

Five Things - Easy Paella

I've always loved cooking and was a fairly adventurous cook but since Bubba arrived I have mainly looked for ways to reduce my cooking time and have easy meals (but not convenience meals). So this is my easy (cheating) Paella.
We used to make Paella from scratch but I recently came across the Paella seasoning packet in the supermarket and it works a treat (hence why its a cheat meal). As you can see, I usually use Chorizo, pepper, onion. paella rice and the seasoning. Into this we either add chicken or prawns (and peas although I totally forgot them this time!!!).

The seasoning packet has a recipe on it (as does the paella rice packet) but it's a case of gently frying the onions (although the packet says do the rice first but I like the onions sweated down a bit). Add the rice and then the chorizo and pepper. Next in is the seasoning, making sure all the rice is coated with all the loveliness, then add chicken stock but can use veg stock if you prefer. Cover pan (I use tin foil over our paella pan) leave it for 15 minutes simmering (check after about ten minutes to see if it has soaked up all the juice).
Pop the prawns in and cover again for a further 5 minutes until they have gone nice and pink but are still plump. I have a nasty habit of putting them in too early and ending up with tiny shriveled pink things!

 Serve up and enjoy. I was enjoying it so much that I forgot to take the final photograph, hence why there is a knife and fork stuck in the bowl!
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