18 Apr 2012

Five Things - we didn't get on with

On our journey so far, we've come across lots of things that work for us but on occasion I get it wrong and we amass a collection of things that Bubba just won't take to.

1. Bickiepegs
When I got these I thought they could be the answer to my prayers (they weren't). My mum had told me that in her day they used these and so when I found them in Boots I got excited. Tried them twice, first time Bubba tolerated the Bickiepeg (it's like a biscuit on a bit of string that is supposed to be good for teething) but it got fluff off the floor stuck on it and the second time bubba looked at it and then me as I tried to convince her to have a bite on it. She sort of chucked it instead. After that she'd cry if I went near her with them. FAIL

2. Gum shield looking dummy thing!!!
Again, in my quest for something that would help teething (my child has 12 teeth at the age of 12 months). I know all about teething...in depth...up close...no sleep kind of way! The theory is that you put these in their mouths and it is something they can bite down on as its gum shaped. She bit the plastic on the outside but wouldn't put the dummy in her mouth. FAIL

3. Nuk Cup
Now Nuk are a great company with lots of innovative things to help in the world of babies and I know other mothers whose babies like Nuk cups (looking at you NCT ladies). But Bubba just did not like this cup at all. Guess what...she liked the cheap and cheerful alternative from Sainsbury's and happily drinks from it. Nuk cup still doesn't fit the bill for her and I've no idea why!

4. Munchkin Fresh Food feeder
These nifty little nets allow you to put fruit etc in and let your baby suck away to their hearts content and it not be a chocking hazard or a messy hand time experience. Bubba would squeeze the net but not suck or chew on it. Oh she did like the lid for a bit of a hold and chew. So now we go straight for messy route.

5. Bags of kid friendly dried Apricot
I blame Annabel Karmel for this purchase, she was always going on about how your child should eat dried Apricot as it's good for them. I got super excited when I saw these little snack bags of dried Apricots but Bubba wasn't as excited...she spits them out and can even sort food in her mouth (when I sneak them in with other stuff) and only spit out the apricots. Epic FAIL
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