9 Apr 2012

Five Things...Money Saving

I often now worry about money, I guess it's the fact we have less money coming in and another mouth to feed. I have a few ways that help to save us money and these are my Five Things for the Piggy Bank Tales. They are all very simple and easy top tips but they help us:

1) We have the worlds dinkiest car EVER! 
Ok it's not that small but it is small. The week before my due date we went looking at cars as I knew we needed a five door car (only had three door at the time) and so we came away with a Peugeot 107 which I then picked up from the dealer on my actual due date....not at all leaving it to the last minute!!!

It can be a squeeze sometimes but with a full tank being £40 and car tax £20 for a year...it suits us for the time being and helps us save money. With such a little engine we seem to be using less petrol now and I'm happy not to be racing anyone away from the lights!

2) Walk everywhere
If I can get away with it I will walk everywhere (even if it takes me a while to get there on foot). This helps Bubba get some fresh air and also helps me (try) and keep fit and gives us something to do on those days that are long and empty with nothing planned. Now the weather is getting better this is also more appealing to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

3) Menu Plan
On a Sunday night I try and put together a meal plan for the week for Hubby and I. So I plan to get only what we need to eat on that particular week and plan what day I will go and pick up the supplies. It works well as, for instance, we may decide to have roast chicken on the Monday and then I can also make a chicken pie the following night with the leftovers, or a roast chicken stir fry. It saves on money and helps us to not waste food unneccesarily.

4) Clothes & toys swap
I'm lucky that I have friends and family that have little girls (a few older than Bubba and a few younger) so we all pass clothes on. Bubba has received some lovely clothes (and swim nappies) in the next few sizes up and also toys that others have grown out of. We too have passed bits on to friends with a younger baby and bouncer chairs etc and the best bit is that it saves on space for us as well.

5) Cooking all our meals from scratch
We try to cook 90% of our meals from raw ingredients and then freeze leftovers so we have a quick meal when we don't feel like cooking (or are pushed for time). It's nicer because I then know exactly what has gone into our meal and also can cook Bubba a portion to freeze. Don't get me wrong, we do have our blow out nights where we get a take away but its not that often now.

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