16 Apr 2012

Friendship like this

Bubba trying to kick her friend!!!
When you are one, friendship doesn't seem to be that important and you aren't really aware of those other people around you that could become important in your future.

I hope Bubba makes many friends as she travels through life but I especially hope she makes a few great friends that time and travel doesn't change. A friend, that regardless of how long it's been between seeing them, you instantly fall back into an easy going banter. 

I am lucky to have such friends, my two best friends I've know from about age five (we all met at primary school) and a fabulous friend whom I met at work but sadly don't get to spend as much time with as I'd like because of distance. We all have babies now and it makes me appreciate my girls more because I see a different side to them now. Time also becomes more precious and even though we all have small people running around, crawling or just sitting we still make the effort to get together.

I hope that Bubba can enjoy the same experience and make great friends with whom, no matter how much they disagree, argue, make up and cry together...they will always be true friends. It'd be great if she became friends with my friends girls and we can all ring each other when our teenagers leave the house to meet up. I can hear myself now phoning around saying '"what's your one wearing? where did they say they were going? Shall we follow them?" and then making furtive calls the following day to make sure their stories match!!

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