13 Apr 2012

A Great Getaway

We recently came back from a wonderful day and night away at a gorgeous wedding and even more exciting, it was Bubba's first formal event. Before we went I must admit, I was nervous. Scared she'd kick off and cry throughout the ceremony or if someone tried to talk to her, my mind just spiraled out of control until I got to the point I could worry no more (and for me that is a serious amount of worry). So for me the morning wasn't very relaxed, add to that the fact I was in charge of driving us there...I was in need of a glass of bubbly by the time the wedding started.

We went to the fantastic Horsted Place in East Sussex and I would really recommend it. The family came out in force and we all stayed which was great. Bubba handled the day really well, Hubby kept her away from the main ceremony which was held outside in the sunshine (she would have got restless) and instead they played a little distance away. But like a little trooper she stayed awake the rest of the day, sat with us all through the early evening meal and even tried a bit of everything from fresh 'tear and share' bread to the duck parfait and also the raspberry dessert (which she couldn't get enough of).

In fact she didn't really want to go to bed, we put her down at the usual time and wheeled her downstairs but she woke about 8.30pm and ended up being awake until almost 10pm but still no tears, she just snuggled on nanny's lap watching the world go by. Even when we put her in her travel cot she sat and coo'd at all her teddies for about 10 minutes (whilst we ate cupcakes in bed...I know, rock n roll eh!)

The grounds were magnificent, as were all the rooms which are steeped in such history, don't even get me started on our rooms. Completely out of this world (and bigger than my front room!). The sun was shining, the bride looked stunning and it was great sharing the day with family.
Our lovely room

The best bit is it that Horsted Place Hotel is close to the coast and airports and under two hours from London. We felt like we'd been gone for a weekend when really we weren't even away from home much over 24hrs. We went (admittedly by accident) to Ashdown Forest on the way home which was a nice little detour.
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