10 Apr 2012

Learning to live with...

It's funny how patient you have to become once a small person enters your life. A lot of it happens without you realising but somethings take a bit more getting used to (and other things I swore I'd never do). Here's my list - I bet you can add some more to the list?

  • Never finishing a cup of tea, coffee, sandwich etc
  • Always feeling tired (even after 7 hours sleep)
  • Singing stupidly in public places just to calm tiny person or make her smile
  • Make weird faces so bubba laughs
  • Always watching clock for feeds, bed, naps
  • Thinking what to feed small next day
  • Putting someone else's needs before my own
  • Someone always clambering over me
  • Never going to toilet alone
  • Saying 'no' and shaking head every other minute!
  • Wasting time staring at small one and wondering how we managed to make something so gorgeous (then realising I should be washing, cleaning etc)
  • Putting things further back on sofa, table, bed so small hands don't get it
  • Always assessing a situation for danger areas! Garden takes on whole new perspective
  • Listening out for 'what kind of cry was that?' in middle of night
  • Someone stealing my heart in such a big way.
  • Waiting for 7pm when I get to be me and not mummy
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