21 Apr 2012

Listography - Top 5 wishes for my child

Over at Kate Takes 5 the theme this week is if Bubba had five Fairy Godmother wishes and I got to decide what they'd be, what would I wish for her?

1) A sense of adventure
I'd hope she had the ability to look at a situation and think 'hell yeah I'll have a go' whether it be travelling the world (although I'd be a bag of nerves) or trying a new food. It'd be great if she grabbed life and had real fun with it.
Already trying to scale the stairs!

2) To keep herself safe
Following on from above, I don't want her to be reckless but more measured in her approach. Have a go at things but always have a backup plan, be safe in relationships and know when a situation isn't right and how to remove herself from it. Always work out how she will get home again once she's had her fun.

3) Ability to see the best in what she's got
Not to constantly covet what others have as this ultimately only ends in despair and know that whatever she has is cool and if she hasn't got it then it doesn't matter. Life isn't all about material possessions and she can make do and that is good enough. It's people and experiences that matter not 'stuff'.

4) Friendship
I wish this is something she experiences, true friends who are always on the end of a phone, email, street. It's when the going gets tough that friends can see you through and I hope this extends to Hubby and I too. As she grows I hope she values our friendship (because I myself count my parents as my best friends and people I can turn to no matter what).

5) Value herself
I want her not to worry as much as I do and instead to realise that she (as she is) is good enough. Her contribution to any situation is a valuable one and she has a voice that is strong and true. To value herself will give her confidence and give her the ability to make the right choices for herself in any situation.
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