16 Apr 2012

Meal Planning Monday - Budget living

We've started to notice our food bills are going up and as Bubba is now eating a lot more food, I seem to be buying more food than ever. So I decided we would have a budget week and after doing our weekly meal planner I then went out and brought only the food we absolutely needed for those meals:

Mon: Roast Chicken, Jacket Potatoes & homemade coleslaw
Tues:Chicken Fajita's
Wed:Parmigiana & homemade garlic baguette
Thur:Chicken Stir fry
Frid: Meatball pasta bake

(Spent £9.30 on Chicken, Fajita seasoning, grana padano cheese, mushrooms & the Aubergine was £1).

In our cupboards we already had some staples:  potatoes, peppers, chilli's (from our own chilli plant), garlic, wraps, carrots & cabbage (for coleslaw), onions, dry noodles, pasta and a pack of mince and a ready to bake baguette.

I successfully stuck to the meal plan and didn't spend anymore money than what was above, granted there were other things we already had but that's why I chose those meals, to purposely use up some bits that were hanging around.

If I keep this up and manage something similar every week then hopefully this will help cut our food bills (at the moment I have a good stash of homemade meals for Bubba in the freezer).

I'm linking up with At Home with Mrs M so go over for more meal plan inspiration.
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