28 Apr 2012

Mine is yours...yours is yours

At what point did my food become fair game for Bubba? It doesn't seem to matter what I'm eating or even if she is also eating but she has to try what I've got. If on the loose she clambers over everything to get to my food before I finish it, if strapped into the high chair she points and angrily tells me in her own way that she needs what I have.

I usually oblige because I think its important that she tries and likes a variety of foods as both Hubby and I like to eat (or at least try) most foods. My main concern is when she has already eaten or doesn't seem particularly hungry.

I've even found that if she has only just eaten a whole Weetabix and fruit, my toast is still on the menu and she will happily tuck into it off my plate. At the moment her appetite seems to be on the verge of piglet status and she can polish off nearly everything put in front of her and I'm not sure she would stop.

The only thing that doesn't work is if I put food (she has rejected and then she see's) on to my plate. Then she can happily ignore it and go for whatever else I have on the go. 

Now she will crawl out to the kitchen and point at her lunchbox or the fridge and today she managed to unzip her bag (which was ready on the bench to take out with us) and sort through what she did/didn't want.
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