7 Apr 2012

Mummy Matters

Real mums telling it how it is...

Bubba name's:  

Mia and Max 

How old are your little ones?  

2 ½ and 3 weeks  

How has motherhood changed you? 

I think of Mia and Max before anything else.  The choices I make are based on what is best for them.  Being a Mum has taught me about what is really important in life and made me appreciate everything I have.

What items are in your handbag (baby related)?  

An Iphone fully loaded with Peppa Pig and Ladybird books apps – essential to distract/pacify a bored toddler when needs must!  Numerous hairclips for Mia, rice cakes or other snacks, and of course the ever faithful babywipes – I never leave home without them.  


What things could you not live without?  

CBeebies – never thought I’d say it but a couple of Mia’s favourite programmes a day helps to keep her entertained whilst I feed Max or run around the house tidying up.

The local park – a quick blast of fresh air and a run around the park makes all of us feel better, and is an easy and fast way to revive a grumpy toddler.

Playdates - great for Mia to spend time with her friends and enjoy a change of scenery and toys, and great for me to get out and catch up with friends.

Friday playgroup in a local church hall – both Mia and I look forward to it each week.  It gets us out the house, lets Mia play with lots of kids and they serve coffee and biscuits which suits me down to the ground! 

My parents – a godsend in helping out.  And a very hands-on other half makes life easier.

Any good advice you received (or could give)?

Both bits of advice come from fellow mummies who have shared their wisdom with me….
Don’t dwell on the night before – essential advice when in the newborn sleepless nights phase. I always try to get up and treat each day as a fresh start, over-analysing a bad night makes me feel stressed and is counter productive.

Don’t sweat the small stuff – there will always be battles when you have a feisty toddler so choose which ones really matter and let the smaller, less important ones go.

Do you use any good books or websites that you’d like to share to help you?

I have used the Community forums on Babycentre.co.uk since I was pregnant with Mia 3 years ago and always found it a really useful resource.  I like Netmums.co.uk for local information about what’s on in my area and ideas on things to do.

Describe your life now in one word:  

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