29 Apr 2012

Play Today

Ok so it's not summer yet and currently it has rained every day for a week (big ploppy rain that really messes with my hair) but that doesn't stop us hoping and getting ready for sunshine.

I stumbled upon this great inflatable water/sand pit (although it says aged 3 I thought we'd give it a go). So whilst it rained outside, I was indoors pumping up this great little pit and filling it with balls (another great steal at £5 for 50 balls).

Admittedly Bubba was more interested in trying to scoop the balls out with the spade into the bucket which came with it (and failing miserably) and so ended up just lobbing the balls around the living room.  It took me an age to pick them all up again so might not do that again.

I can imagine that she will get into her stride once its filled with water in the garden when the sun is shining and I can have a sit down and relax whilst she plays.

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