2 Apr 2012

Things I now step on...

This isn't going to be one of the most intellectually challenging of posts but after just stepping on something with bare feet (yet again) it made me think of everything I seem to step on now!

1) Cold food
Bubba has a new trick, its basically just lobbing any food item she doesn't fancy the look of over the side of her highchair (also includes her bottle, spoons, anything she can get hold of) whilst shaking her head at me and saying 'NO' as loudly as she can. Today was cold pasta that is now attatched to the bottom of my (bare) foot!

2) Puzzle pieces
Again, as she perfects her Olympic throwing technique I usually end up scrambling over wooden puzzle pieces to get to the phone before it rings off. These particular puzzles have hard little plastic handles - ouch! But she loves a good puzzle.

3) Small animals
Not real animals, so please no phoning the RSPCA! I always get that moment, especially if its in the dark, where I freeze and think 'what is that, IS THAT FUR!!!, is it real?'. Then I have to scrabble around in the dark to find it and put it back in her cot.

4) Dummy
This again is disconcerting because its hard and squidgy all at the same time. You aren't expecting it to be on the floor, as it should be happily clamped into Bubba's little goblet! I'm glad she doesn't have it too often so this is one of the more infrequent of items.

5) Wet Floor
This is by far my worst one. Usually because I'm never certain why the floor is wet and in my mind I'm trying to work out 'is it water from her beaker, a bit of dribbe or something worse?!?'. It's worrying to work out why I missed it in the first place and where else might be wet.
The Culprit!!!

I'm sure these things are only going to get worse as she is on the move more and more. Oh the joy!!
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