26 Apr 2012

Upcycling - Baby Wipes

Don't worry this isn't a new exercise craze but since Bubba was quite young, I've been sending our unwanted baby wipe packs to a company that then makes them into something else.

You may have seen the advertising on Johnson's packs or their website which tells you all about it, don't feel alarmed as it's the easiest thing in the world to do. You just join Terracycle and can choose what you want to collect, you just press a button and they send you a link to a label by email which you then print and stick onto an envelope (stuffed full of your used packs) and send it to them. For every pack you send in, you get points which 'make prizes' in the form of money you can donate to charity. Either a charity of your choice or one of theirs on the website.

They make really groovy things with the used packs and also Ella's kitchen is involved and their packets get made into lunchboxes etc.

It's so easy and I managed it from early on with severe baby brain (so it can't be that hard). So come on...Lets 'wipe out waste'.
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