1 Apr 2012

The weekend my baby grew up!

It happened all very quickly, one minute she was dependant on me and now there is a whole new level of responsibility. I now have to keep her safe as she makes her own decisions (terrifying!). All very melodramatic I know but it was the weekend my baby grew up...

On Friday my mum, bubba and I went to Bluewater and we purchased Bubba's first pair of shoes. Now this wasn't the monumental and endearing moment for any of us as the minute the lady knealt in front of Bubba...it went pear shaped! Now my small child isn't that good at the moment with strangers, so I knew it wasn't going to be the best moment but wasn't expecting the level of crying and big ploppy tears we were faced with (she didn't even cry that much at the latest set of jabs). The only good thing is that she loves the shoes which I guess is the main thing.
I had to have new shoes too!
On Saturday morning Hubby fitted a safety gate to the top of our stairs. We only have a dinky house and not much of a upstairs hallway (well none at all) and so the stairs are always in close proximity. Until now I couldn't really let her crawl around....now it's a whole new world for us both as I can leave her in one room (we only have three rooms upstairs!) and feel safe that she can either follow me into the next room or keep herself busy where she is.

The most monumental change was the steriliser is now in the loft which seems a huge sign that she is growing up. I remember we used to be a slave to that steriliser, always worried if things weren't put in on time or missed out!

We also took her out in her new forward facing car seat - It is the Maxi Cosi Priori. I wasn't sure if I was ready for this but I knew she was so it is nice to see her seeing the world forward instead of reverse. But she really looks grown up now and what with wearing her new shoes it all got a bit much for me.

I feel a little bereft about it all, where did my baby go? She is starting to need me in different ways now...all part of growing up I guess!
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