14 Apr 2012

Welcome to my world...

I often find myself thinking this and on a few occassions I actually say this to Hubby when he is exasperated at Bubba crying, not eating, playing up etc (the list is endless really).

It's not that I hope he has a hard time when looking after her but it is more my overwhelming need to prove that THIS IS THE HARDEST JOB IN THE WORLD! I also have to scream that sentence in my own head to make it sound even more dramatic. But why do I need to prove this to him? He does sometimes jokingly say that all I do is sit around reading magazines whilst she plays happily (is he joking or does he really think I do that?!?) 

If we are having a fun day I do worry that I'm enjoying our time together and there is something I'm forgetting. I wrack my brains and try and think if I've fed her, played with her enough and dealt with all her needs...and yet we are still having fun. When I've got it all together and Bubba is compliant we have a stretch of really great days, then we sometimes have a bit of a rubbish few days and they seem to go on forever! But I do seem to struggle with things sometimes.

So if I ring up when Hubby has looked after Bubba all day alone and he says they had lots of fun or she started crawling (yep on his watch) and pulling herself up on furniture (yep also on his watch), I get all tearful thinking 'how comes we have such a rough time sometimes'? 

I then just have to ask the one question (this is usually after the morning shift) 'have you had a chance to shower and clean your teeth?' and he says 'No'. The smug smile returns to my face and I think yeah....welcome to my world!
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