15 May 2012

Being a mum

I've been thinking recently about how shaped are we by our own mothers and it's only once you have a baby that you realise the role your mum really played in your life and what it means to be a mum (and how tough it can be at times).

I find myself acting like my mum, I whisper in Bubba's ear, talk softly, divert rather than argue (all smoke and mirrors). I play silly games and I do things like look at the loo roll cardboard and think 'what can I make with that?' Her parenting style was brilliant and thankfully I've adopted bits of this as mine without even realising it.

My mum was a genius as I grew up, how is this for a game, in the summer she would lay on a sun lounger reading a magazine whilst she let me draw faces in felt pen on her toes. Genius because she could sunbathe whilst knowing where I was (and I was occupied) and she got a free foot work out as well. See...genius! When Bubba is older I'm definitely going to do this.

One of my favourite memories is after Christmas whilst still on school holidays. Mum would sit my brother and I at the table with kid scissors (the ones as blunt as anything), glue and old Christmas cards and let us make collages all morning long. We would compete against each other for the best one and then our artwork would go on the wall at the end of the day.

We always had fun and I think these days we sometimes rely on plastic fantastic toys to occupy our children. I say bring back our imaginations and make play time like the good old days.
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