24 May 2012

Books - On my reading list

I love reading, I will read anything, anywhere and my worst habit is starting several books at one time and not always finishing them. I'm a huge magazine addict but that's a whole other post all to itself. So at the moment I'm reading two books about child rearing.

The first book is: 'the no-cry sleep solution for toddlers and preschoolers' Elizabeth Pantley

I got this book with the hope that it would help us with Bubba's recent sleep problems as I don't think controlled crying is the way for me to go. I literally cannot listen to her crying for a long time, it would send me insane. This is a great book and Elizabeth Pantley has some great strategies for sleep problems and although its not that helpful for our particular problem, I have looked at things with a fresh perspective. (Bubba is waking for a few minutes in the night - around 4am and this book looks more at getting them to sleep in the evening or waking in the night for great lengths of time).  I would recommend this book if you are having problems with your toddler - her original book was sleep solutions for babies.

Next comes: 
'French Children Don't Throw Food' Pamela Druckerman

This gives some great insights into a different culture and way of rearing children, I'm not sure it applies to all of France but it has some brilliant anecdotes from the author on her experiences in a foreign country. I love the theory that French mothers are more relaxed and leave the children to be, whereas we jump all over a situation before letting it unfold. It's also one of the best titles to a book I've seen in ages.

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