12 May 2012

Easy Peasy growing

Despite the weather, I'm a keen veg grower. It started with my own allotment patch but I had to give that up when I moved home as I couldn't devote much attention to it. Now I've started growing again in our little garden. 

My favourite thing this time of year to grow is pea shoots, they are easy to plant and no fuss. You end up with fabulous little shoots you can pick and add to salads or as we do, garnish your meals with them. It's a great one to do with the kids because it's simple and you see the results after a few weeks (gets them eating veg as well).

You need:
A packet of dried peas - you can pick up from the supermarket (with the normal peas etc).
A Pot - , a border or windowsill pot, fill half with soil and pop some of the peas in (slightly spaced out but it really doesn't matter). Put more soil on top and give them a little water. Then wait...for this.

I fill all sorts of pots with the pea's because its great to keep picking these and having some with all sorts of meals. (If planting outside, you may need to cover with some chicken wire or mesh as the mice (little rodents) love to dig up these beauties and eat them before the pea's split).
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