13 May 2012

Five Things - that are keeping me awake

We haven't been getting much sleep in our house recently (or for quite a while actually) and it's starting to really get to me. Bubba has been having long spells of nights where she is waking (for about five minutes) at either 3am or 4am, one of us goes in and gives her a dummy and she rolls over and is asleep in seconds. This keeps us awake for a while (I am aware it could be worse) but its the monotony of it that gets me the most. So these things keep me awake during the day.

Strong coffee - I got Hubby a gift set of about 10 coffees from Whittards and we are slowly working through them all.

A large mug - for either the above mentioned coffee or big vats of tea during the day.

Moka Pot - I always wanted one of these and had visions of me in a french village, quietly drinking coffee in the sunshine after making it on the aga in the kitchen (we have a electric hob and a toddler...never going to be a peaceful experience).

Chocolate - or cake or chocolate or cake...you get the picture. One shot and I'm back in the game.

Magazine - Just five minutes flicking through the pages calms me and gives me a bit more brain power to continue. I'm a bit of a magazine addict and will read almost anything!
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