1 May 2012

Keeping Fit...or Battle of the Bulge

As we all know, becoming a mummy radically changes your body shape and it becomes a constant fight to get it back to where it was (or as near as possible).

I was really good after Bubba arrived and after about three months managed to get to pre baby weight but as the months have progressed...so has my waistline. If we've had setbacks and she stops sleeping through the night or is ill, it seems I've reached for the nearest cake to cheer me up.

So the time has now come to battle the bulge again and I've shocked my body into exercise again. It started a few Mondays ago, whilst on the way to work I heard an advert for Race for Life and by the time I got to work I'd decided to do the 5k run (and promptly signed myself up and then just as promptly had to have a cup of tea to get over the shock).

The next thing I did was sign up for a weekly bootcamp class in a local park, every Thursday night...come rain or shine! My word this is hard work, I've found muscles aching that I didn't realise I owned! But I'm determined to keep going as I'm sure it'll get easier.

So now all I have to do is put the cakes down and start to eat healthy portions (I'm good on the food I eat...I just eat too much of it). I also need to find a substitute for the cakes!!!
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