19 May 2012

Listography - Top 5 things I love about kids

Over at Kate Takes 5 this month's Listography theme is: Top 5 things I love about kids, I could easily come up with loads of things but below are my top 5:

1. Their ability to thrive on so little sleep
Whilst I walk around like an extra from The Walking Dead series, my daughter after another rough night for both of us is her usual happy self and can even then resist naps until the very last minute. Yet when you think they are doing ok and have had the required amount of sleep, they go into meltdown (not really loving that bit so much).

2. The ability to laugh in the face of the word NO! 
I'm such a yes man type person, I hate saying no and do everything to avoid it. Bubba hears the word no as a challenge and laughs at me instead of doing what I say. She shakes her head no when she doesn't want to do something. When we are out and about you hear mothers shouting 'NO don't run off' at the disappearing backs of their children.

3. They can laugh at almost anything and very often
Something as simple as a tickle under the chin can leave bubba in hysterics. it's great to witness their joy at something new or how they can have fun no matter where they are. It's something we sometimes forget in our super charged lives.

4. Being so interested in everything and repeating the same tasks however mundane
At least three times a day bubba will systematically empty the contents of my bag and purse. I then spend just as long putting every bank card and receipt back, only for her to empty it again in five minutes later. Don't get me started on an empty cardboard box, she loves playing with them.

5. They will attempt even the most perilous maneuvers without a second thought
My child will try anything. Climb the stairs in a growbag...no problem, I'll give it a go. Lift toys double your weight...yup pass it over and I'll try to drag it around. Do an impression of the incredible hulk and try and rip your highchair tray off...just you watch me.
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