7 May 2012

Sleeping Fibs

I've spent so long with the fear that everyone else's child sleeps through the night from about 10 weeks whilst my baby seems to like waking (if only briefly) at 4am. I've realised that parents who have already trodden that rocky path can be forgetful (or totally blocked it out) about the amount of sleep their little one needed or how often they would wake.

Now I'm not saying all babies or parents are like this (a few really are good sleepers consistently...you lucky people) but on the whole we all get periods of being woken during the baby stages. I used to think I was doing something wrong, who knows I could be but it seems more likely that it's just a phase. 

A long phase admittedly but still only a phase. I'm hoping to look back and empathize when someone's young baby is not showing signs of wanting those golden (sometimes elusive) twelve hours of sleep old Gina Ford is always banging on about. I'm hoping I won't be forgetful and says "oh Bubba was a good sleeper, she slept for 12 hours consistently" because she doesn't always. It's still a rare occurrence, I know this because in the morning Hubby and I look at each other and say 'I didn't get up in the night, did you?' if it's a 'no' I feel rather triumphant but want to get to the stage where we don't need to ask.

I've probably been expecting a little too much from Bubba and anything less than 10 - 12 hours I feel its a failed situation and I reach for very strong coffee in the morning. Until we all sleep through the night consistently I'm going to just go with it and remember the sleep fibs we all use or hear to get us through whilst I reach for a large vat of coffee!

1) my baby sleeps through the night. We put baby to bed at 9pm and he doesn't wake until 5am.
Well yes, we can all brag about that one but its not really sleeping through - granted it's still 9 hours but 5am is harsh.

2) My baby sleeps really well, I only have to put dummy back in twice a night.
I don't see this as sleeping really well, if you have to get up at all then you aren't getting enough sleep. Reach for the coffee!

3) My baby slept through from 3 weeks old. Even now after the dream feed at midnight baby sleeps until early hours.
Anything after three months I don't think baby should be having a dream feed or any feed after bedtime. This isn't a good sleeper.
4) My baby is a wonderfully good sleeper, although baby won't sleep in a pram, cot, car or light or dark or silence! Or won't sleep anywhere other than cot.
I'm not knocking anyone but it's hard to think of this as a good sleeper if they can't actually fall asleep unless conditions are perfect.

5) ....Add your own here. I'm sure you have heard some of your own that aren't listed above?
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