23 Jun 2012

All the lasts...

A while a go I sat and got a little sad because I realised my baby was growing up and I wouldn't always be around to see the firsts she encountered. It got me thinking about all the last things that happen along the way and how they used to be so important but now they pass in the blink of an eye.

So here are all the lasts so far:

Last time I hold bottle at bedtime
This only happened recently, she was always the kind of girl that would sit back and let me hold the bottle. Last week I put her hands around the bottle and since then she sits on my lap and drinks. It won't be long before she realises she doesn't have to sit on my lap!

Last time I get a cuddle where she doesn't squirm
Now I only get a cuddle when Bubba is feeling under the weather or very very tired, whereas when she was little it was a cuddlefest in our house.

Last time we use a safety seat in the bath
When she started rocking the middle part of the seat that holds her in place I realised I could probably move it. Now she crawls up and down the bath sloshing bubbles as she goes.

Last time I have to feed her
She has been really good at finger foods from quite young but doesn't really like feeding herself with a spoon, she will do about three mouthfuls and then stops and just opens her mouth to be fed.

Last time she sits quietly in pushchair or high chair
Now she squirms, big time. She wriggles, tries to stand up and generally makes a fuss, letting me know where she would rather be.

Last time she holds my hand to walk
Whilst she was trying to walk, she had to hold on (sometimes for dear life) but now she has got the hang of toddling she doesn't want to hold my hand and physically shakes me off. That is unless she wants something, then she grabs my hand to take me where she wants to go.

With children there are so many firsts but just as many lasts...I'm understanding now, why people decide its a good idea to have another one, to experience all those firsts again.
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