13 Jun 2012

Do I need to Tame my Toddler...

So far in our journey, Bubba seems to be a kind and placid little girl but then she is only 15 months old so I might not be saying that as the terrible two's hits our household. I came across this book by chance and had a quick browse and even in those few seconds I was already hooked.

New Toddler Taming - Dr Christoper Green

The blurb on the back says it's "The world's bestselling parenting guide" and I can sort of see why, I sat reading bits of it aloud to Hubby last night and in the end he turned the programme he was watching off and we scoffed and laughed at some of the anecdotes.

With chapters such as Tantrums and other tricks, Sleep problems solved  and Nasty habits in nice children it had a lot to live up to but already I've been able to use some of the suggestions (and understand why Bubba does what she does). You see we now have a 'bitter' and I didn't know why she was doing it and what I could do to stop her (she doesn't bite nastily but enjoys taking a chunk out of the sofa, her bottle and whatever gets near her goblet when she is slightly over excited). Now I know how to divert her attention and stop the behaviour (and know its completely normal at the same time).

I can see myself coming back to this book when we have an issue or need assistance (there are chapters on illness, potty training and sibling rivalry). Hubby and I laughed at times and counted our blessings when we realised already it could be far worse.

All in all this is a good, easy read that you can dip in and out of when you need, there is no condescending tone and the suggestions aren't hard line 'do this or else' they are just gently ways to get you past whatever taming is required.
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